Pre K Birthdays’ Last Party!

It is with a grateful heart that I say good bye to all of you who have supported and patronized Pre K Birthdays in the past.  As some of you are aware, Pre K Birthdays stopped operations this year.  Pre K Birthdays is closed for business and this Facebook page would be removed by the end of the year.


Knowing that I have a gift to work and serve children, I am now a youth coach, helping preteens and teens overcome life obstacles and reach their full potential.  I completed a coaching program at Emory University and now own a coaching business called Youth Health and Wellness Coaching.  I have designed a program called FLOURISH, which helps youths with challenges in areas including self-image, friendships, stress, bullying, resilience, confidence and honesty.  I offer group coaching, workshops and private coaching on these topics.  To stay informed on news and trends affecting youths or to prepare to be a parent to a preteen or teen, like my Facebook page at Facebook Youth Coach  to receive valuable information.  My contact info is or 704-957-4095. 


Pre K Birthdays was a blessing for me because it fulfilled my passion for kids and celebration.  I enjoyed every one of the hundreds of parties we hosted.  It was always magical and fulfilling to witness the joy and excitement of the birthday child and guests. To close out the business, I decided to go out with a bang by hosting a glamourous red carpet dinner party for my daughter.  It was amazing! 


The setup was done by Rina Hjazzy.  She calls herself the shabby chic and she can create grandeur for pennies!  Contact her at  if you are looking for someone to help you decorate on a budget whether it’s for a party or your living room.  We had crystals hanging down from the ceiling in the dining room and the makeup booth was so cute.  Both areas were adorned with flowers from Rina’s garden.




The cake was done by the best cake lady in the Lake Norman area, Beth.  Contact Beth at  for affordable, freshly made, custom designed cake you cannot beat!  I will never forget the volcano cake she made for me that actually had smoke coming out of it like a volcano eruption.



This is me having fun on the red carpet…



The party was a great hit!  Raspberry lemonade in wine classes with snacks as they had their makeup applied.  Next they walked the red carpet, posed for pictures and gave their autographs to fans.  Then, they had a 3 course meal including a menu and dad as the butler.  Last was the after party – dancing to hit songs.  The kids had so much fun!  It was a one of a kind event – very memorable.


I close by saying thank you again for all your support through the years.  As we approach the end of the year, I hope your holidays are BRIGHT! 



Bebe Wilkinson

Facebook Youth Coach

Youth Health and Wellness Coaching